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Re: RFS: ovito


On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 11:12 PM, Michael Tautschnig <mt@debian.org> wrote:
> It is, yes! I didn't even have to spot it myself, licensecheck did :-)
> Well, licensecheck told me that there was MIT-licensed code in
> this folder, which made me take a closer look.

> In fact, your debian/copyright file will have to reflect this as
> well: Even though you don't use it anymore, the license of these
> files should still be noted in there.

Ok, I didn't know about licensecheck before.  Handy stuff: the
copyright statements in the source code files are GPL-2+, even if the
LICENSE.txt in the root of source is GPL-3.  I corrected the
debian/copyright accordingly, and (kindly) asked the upstream author
to make up his mind before the next release.

> I did't do much checking to see where you got it from, but you might
> want to update the debian/watch file as well.

Actually I believe the debian/watch should work as it is.  That is my
first debian/watch file, though, so I'd like to ask you to double
check it if there is not too much trouble.

The upstream source CMake scripts have a bug: the source doesn't
compile without the .svn directories.  So, in the first version I used
'svn checkout' to download the source instead of 'svn export'.  In
current version the source tree is clean, and I patched the CMake
scripts to work without .svn dirs (and informed the upstream author).
AFAIK the watch file is still tracking the next tagged release.

> Sure, that's ok. But I'm pretty sure the next version (with a fixed
> copyright file and possibly an updated debian/watch file) is ready
> to be uploaded, so please switch over to your desired final version.

Wow, that was easier than I expected.  The version 0.9.2-1 is now
uploaded in mentors.d.n.  I cleaned the 0.9.2-1~n versions away from
the changelog.

King regards,

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