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Re: RFS: minidlna

Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> > > - You ship a defaults file, which allows to customize $USER and $GROUP, but your
> > >   scripts don't take this into account.
> > 
> > Are you sure about that one? In minidlna.init, I only assign default
> > values to $USER and $GROUP if they are empty (which won't be the case if
> > they where set in the default file).
> > 
> I'm sorry, I was too imprecise here. I was referring to the {pre,post}inst,
> {pre,post}rm scripts here. These should simply read the defaults file (if
> already available) as well.

Oh I see, thanks for clarifying.

It seems like a clever thing to do in {pre,post}inst: there's no need to
create a default minidlna user:group if something else is already set in
the default file; I'm just unsure if it should create the user:group
found in the default file if they do not exist already (if they do not
exist, they were most likely removed by the user manually, and
re-creating them silently as system users seems like a bad idea).

And in postrm, I would not remove any user:group except
minidlna:minidlna, which was normally created by preinst.

Is this what you had in mind? I'll implement those changes, and upload a
new version soon.

Thanks again for your precious help.


Benoît Knecht

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