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Re: RFS - mapcatcher

On Sat, Oct 09, 2010 at 05:00:42AM -0700, D Haley wrote:
> * Although marked as GPL2 or any later, the actual python programs do not
> * have the pre-amble in the source files, as required by the licence.

Uhm, no.  The GPL merely lists that as one of possible ways to do so, and,
even though it is advertised as the "safest" way, it is universally despised
by anyone who's not in love with legal texts.

Including nearly a page of junk with A NUMBER OF PHRASES that are RANDOMLY
PUT IN ALL CAPS into every single source file is not only ugly but also
makes you waste a second or two every time you try to edit or read the file
in question.

While merely shipping a copy of the GPL without a word that it actually
applies to the project in question is not enough, a file that states the
copyright holder, date, and declares that the project is GPLed satisfies
the requirement while not being obnoxious.

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