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Re: Four days

On Tue, 5 Oct 2010, Matthew Palmer wrote:

To clarify: the intended point of this proposal is to solve the perceived problem that DDs don't sponsor packages because they're concerned that they'll end up taking responsibility for a package if the maintainer ups and leaves?

I don't actually see that as a problem. There are simple ways to deal with orphaned packages, regardless of the way the upload was made, and they work. If a package I sponsor is abandoned by the maintainer, it gets NMUed, orphaned and assigned to debian-qa like any other, and is then available for adoption.

The variant of this problem I do see, however, is the uploading of surely-soon-to-be-unmaintained low-quality or near-duplicate packages, clogging up the archive and making extra work for debian-qa et al. *That* problem isn't going to be solved by changing the maintainer, it's only going to be solved by not uploading the surely-soon-to-be-unmaintained low-quality or near-duplicate packages in the first place.

Matthew -- sounds like you've identified a commonly-asked question that has an answer. Would you (or someone else on the list) be willing to add that to the "For Sponsors..." section of http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMentorsFaq ?

That way we can help prospective sponsors feel more confident that it's worth their time to sponsor packages.

-- Asheesh.

You will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize... posthumously.

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