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Re: Uploading during freeze time

On 11 October 2010 12:11, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. <bss@iguanasuicide.net> wrote:
> I disagree that *any* package based on a new upstream release is *known* to be
> less buggy than the existing package,

Good, so do I, but in this case, cppcheck is a very infrequently used
Debian package, and it's used widely by other people outside of

>> In <AANLkTimBZN8d2MeKpXx6Q1sa0HOng21two0rhfKoPROE@mail.gmail.com>, Jordi
Gutiérrez Hermoso wrote:
>>Does it have to be this way? Why do fixes to testing have to go
>>through unstable, even during freeze time?
> They don't.  t-p-u exists for when the version in testing needs a fix, but
> migrating the package from unstable is troublesome.  It is rather frowned upon
> though, since it means the update does not get the level of exposure that
> other updates receive.

That's what I really don't get. So testing isn't for testing, unstable
is for testing, and experimental is for unstable? So where do really
crazy ideas go? Why do all the distros get pushed back one during
freeze time?

> Remember that the "unstable" name was chosen to indicate how often it is
> updated, not how well-tested the upstream software is.

Is that true? I've never seen an official reaffirmation of this
oft-quoted idea, it merely seems to come from people who don't mind
debugging or living with the bugs in unstable and therefore it's
"stable enough for me". "The kid who breaks toys" doesn't sound to me
like "the kid who changes too much". Unstable is too buggy for me.
During freeze time, shouldn't bugs should be fixed in testing, not in
unstable? You freeze a distribution, you fix its bugs, and you release
it, and while the six-month freeze is in effect, you can also have
your broken toys playground if you want it.

>  "unstable" is packages intended to be in the next release of Debian, as they are
> uploaded.

Where "next" in this instance means "current"? What does
"experimental" mean, then?

> "experimental" is packages not yet intended for any release of Debian,

But that's now how it's used. It's used as "not squeeze, but almost
certainly wheezy"

> It gets used as "unstable+1" during the freeze, since  there's no better place.

So why not create a better place?

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