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Re: Four days

Michael Tautschnig <mt@debian.org> writes:

>> Asheesh Laroia <asheesh@asheesh.org> writes:
>> > The cool thing is, you (and others) can do that starting right now:
>> > Just email the debian-mentors list saying, "Hey, I'm not a DD, but I
>> > can review someone's package. First reply I get is what I'll review!"
>> > And if other people like the idea, they'll glom on.
>> I'm not a DD and I aleady follow the list and check out new or
>> interesting packages. So this is already hapening to some degree.
> But apparently nobody is interested in gnome packages, it seems - we've got a
> few open RFS related to gnome. Anybody out there interested in taking these?
> Myself I have no idea about gnome-specific issues and hence would prefer not to
> take these.
> Best,
> Michael

Exactly. Same here. Isn't there a gnome team? That should become more
active in sponsoring then.


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