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Re: RFS: cppcheck, new upstream version 1.45

Christoph Egger wrote:
Reijo Tomperi <aggro80@users.sourceforge.net> writes:
New upstream version was released, so I made a new Debian package of it.

I'm again looking for a sponsor for it.


    Your package looks fine to me (as far as I have checked). Are you
aware of the freeze for Debian's squeeze release? Do you want this to
indeed go to unstable right now? Putting into experimental would be
another option.

It fixes at least one segfault which occurs with old version (1.44) (No Debian ticket about it):

There are a lot of other changes (170 closed upstream tickets).

If it is up to me, I would put this into unstable, but someone with better knowledge about Debian policy and rules might have other opinion.

- Reijo

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