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Re: RFS: fritzing

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I haven't looked at the package bug I try to help by commenting on your

> 1) What is an ITP bug? why I must to open it to close after?

An ITP bug is an Intent To Package bug against WNPP pseudo package in
the Debian bug tracker [1], telling the community that you are working
on a package. Relevant parties are subscribed to bugs for that package
and can comment on things like description and possible license issues.
You should look there first to see if somebody is already working on the
same package to avoid duplicate work. The first and only line in your
changelog should than be: "Initial release (closes #xxx)"

> 2) I don't know really, but I guess that empty directories are usefull
> to extend the electronic parts of the application by the user or other
> packages. Because that I decide keep them.

Other packages should create their own directories if needed. What is
the specific use case for the users, that they cannot create the


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=wnpp

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