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Re: Time of a package to be processed by FTP-masters


/me takes his ftp-assistant hat on.

Am 27.10.2010 15:50, schrieb Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo:

> So I am wondering whether my package has a specific problem (though I
> was not contacted by ftp masters in any way), [..]

If you have a working e-mail address, we'll contact you, if there is a
problem ;)

> or it's just a matter of time before it gets processed (e.g. they are
> busy with updates related with the freeze), or what. 

Part of us busy preparing the archive software for the release, yes.  An
other part of us is working on other improvements of said software, but
mostly NEW processing isn't top priority during a freeze, as these
packages won't end up in the release anyway (and some of them might even
hinder the release), so we currently mostly process NEW packages fixing
RC bugs or upon request of release mangagers / d-i developers / kernel
developers or packages ending up in experimental anyway.

> What I would want to know, in particular:
> 1- If this is normal, or if having to wait for >1 week indicates that
> the package has some kind of problem.

In general:  No.  Even if there isn't a freeze, packages might need to
wait longer than a week on NEW before getting processed.

> 2- In the latter case, do FTP contact you (even by receiving some
> kind of REJECT notification), or are you supposed to ask them what's
> the problem after some time?

You'll get a mail if your package get's rejected, or if we see a problem
which needs to be addressed / clarified before it can be accepted.

> 2.1- If so, what's would be the time appropriate to ask? 1 month for
>  example?

1 Month sounds reasonable to me under normal circumstances.

> 2.2- What would be the correct way to contact them -- some email
> emailing list or a bug report to the pseudo-package?

Per e-mail or via irc in #debian-ftp on irc.debian.org.

Best regards,

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