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Re: RFS: 9menu (updated package)

El 30/10/10 04:31, Ansgar Burchardt escribió:

Daniel Echeverry<epsilon77@gmail.com>  writes:
I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 1.8-3 of my package
I did take a look at your package.  Some comments:

  · debian/changelog: There is a space missing in the last line.
  · debian/compat: You build-depend on debhelper 7, but use compat
    level 5.  Is that intentional?
  · debian/rules:
    - dh_auto_clean will run $(MAKE) clean for you.
    - No need to remove stamp-build as you don't create it.
    - You use override_* targets to pass arguments to debhelper tools,
      except for dh_install which uses debian/install.  You might want to use
      only one style.
    - Is the chmod in the clean target necessary?
  · debian/watch: The comments in the first lines should be removed as
    they don't really apply here.
  · debian/control: I don't think the Homepage field is helpful for end
    users.  There is no additional information, only release tarballs.


Thanks for taking enough time to check out the package, I will check the suggestions you gave me

thank you very much

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