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Re: roxterm resizing bug serious enough for freeze exception?

On 31/10/10 09:18, Wen-Yen Chuang wrote:
Tony Houghton wrote:
With some window managers and/or when closing many roxterm tabs rapidly
with keyboard auto-repeat, closing tabs may cause the window to shrink,

I am the upstream author and Debian package maintainer of evilvte.

As far as I know, all VTE-based terminal emulators that supports
Tab/Tabbar, all has this kind of window-resizing bug.

Yes. Even gnome-terminal, xfce terminal, and many others, all has this
bug (in some specific window managers).

Thanks for that information. However, I think it's worse with roxterm
than others (gnome-terminal at least). My strategy was to try to correct
the size after receiving size-allocate signals, but there's no way to
reliably predict when a correction will be needed and whether the
size-allocate event will arrive immediately after an action such as
removing a tab or some time later (a g_idle_add callback attempting to
deal with this may be called many times in the meantime!).

I've had a look at gnome-terminal's code and I see it ignores
size-allocate (except for debugging) and instead makes adjustments in
response to a resize-window signal. The purpose of that signal isn't
described very well in vte's API reference, but I can just copy the sort
of thing that g-t and the vte example do with it.

TH * http://www.realh.co.uk

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