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Re: RFS: ovito

Hi again,


> > - ovito includes an embedded code copy of muparser
> >  (src/atomviz/utils/muparser/), which is available as a Debian
> >  package and should be used instead.
> I would have never found this myself.  How did you noticed it?
> The embedded code is still in the source, but the binaries are now
> linked against Debian package libmuparser0 instead.  Is that OK?

It is, yes! I didn't even have to spot it myself, licensecheck did :-) Well,
licensecheck told me that there was MIT-licensed code in this folder, which made
me take a closer look.

In fact, your debian/copyright file will have to reflect this as well: Even
though you don't use it anymore, the license of these files should still be
noted in there.


> > - The tarball still has the .svn directories, probably upstream
> >  didn't properly use svn export for packaging. Please repack the
> >  orig.tar file accordingly.
> Corrected, the new source is now uploaded with the new version.

I did't do much checking to see where you got it from, but you might want to
update the debian/watch file as well.


> Is it Ok to use versions like '0.9.2-1~n' in these trials, and bump
> the version to 0.9.2-1 after your final approval?

Sure, that's ok. But I'm pretty sure the next version (with a fixed copyright
file and possibly an updated debian/watch file) is ready to be uploaded, so
please switch over to your desired final version.

Best regards,

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