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Re: Open RFS lacking (further) response

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 10:44:37PM +0100, Noel David Torres Taño wrote:
> Is it always an upstream package worst than a repackaged package?

>From what I've seen, in most cases, yes.

I am one of the guilty "one pet package" upstream authors who gets
my Debian work uploaded by a gracious sponsor. I also have a
"special interest" in Debian as a whole, since it's been my primary
operating system as far back as the bo release and I run it on
roughly 10 distinct hardware architectures (including hundreds of
servers at my place of employment).

I spent substantial time learning the proper way to package
applications for Debian and lurked on this list for over a year
before requesting sponsorship. Debian policy and standards are a
moving target. Paying attention to debian-devel-announce and
(preferably) debian-devel are important for me to proactively stay
abrest of issues and transitions which could affect my package.
Keeping up with Debian's bug tracker is crucial as well.

I try to contribute in other ways, participating in ML discussions
within my field of expertise, diligently filing detailed bugs (and
when possible providing patches) any time I encounter an
undocumented issue, and advocating Debian within my technical
community. On several occasions I've gotten close to submitting
packages of other upstreams' work or even applying for a DM/DD role
in the project, but I'm mindful of the limited spare time I have in
my life and careful not to commit to responsibilities beyond my
present capacity.

Even with a "special interest in Debian" I am fairly certain my
*one* package would be improved if repackaged by an experienced
Debian Developer.
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