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Re: [cjwatson <at> Accepted grub2 2.02~beta2-7 (source i386)] Re: [cjwatson <at> Accepted grub2 2.02~beta2-7 (source i386)] [ Accepted grub2 2.02~beta2-7 (source i386)] Re: [jitsi-users] default messaging/VoIP client for Debian 8/Jessie Adiscon LogAnalyzer? rsyslog + mongodb? anonscm seems to be broken for SVN Re: Backports, Stable releases, Testing, Oh my! Beware the ORACLE.COM risk Re: Bits from keyring-maint: Pushing keyring updates. Let us bury your old 1024D key! Re: Bits from the autopkgtest maintainer Re: Bits from the Security Team Bug#576975: DeaDBeeF 0.6.1 is out Re: Bug#739626: How to name the websocket PT server in Debian; was ITP: tor-pt-websocket -- WebSocket pluggable transport Re: Bug#740379: ITP: asciinema -- Record and share your terminal sessions, Bug#740398: ITP: pangoterm -- GTK/Pango-based terminal emulator Bug#740400: ITP: libvterm -- abstract library implementation of a VT220/xterm/ECMA-48 terminal emulator Bug#740450: ITP: libwfd -- Library for Wifi-Display/Miracast Protocol Implementation Bug#740467: ITP: libhttp-cookiejar-perl -- minimalist HTTP user agent cookie jar Bug#740580: O: fbset -- framebuffer device maintenance program Bug#740601: ITP: blat -- BLAST-Like Alignment Tool Bug#740623: ITP: ruby-ice-nine -- Deep Freeze Ruby Objects Bug#740678: RFA: abiword -- efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration Bug#740683: provide web service client package via stable-updates Bug#740699: ITP: r-other-curvefdp -- estimation of confidence levels for peptide identifications Bug#740728: ITP: yorick-ynfft -- nonequispaced fast Fourier transform for Yorick Bug#740735: ITP: ruby-docker-api -- Ruby gem to interact with remote API Bug#740736: ITP: ruby-octokit -- Ruby toolkit for the GitHub API Bug#740761: ITP: ruby-axiom-types -- Ruby module for abstract types for logic programming Bug#740766: ITP: ruby-multimap -- Ruby multimap implementation Bug#740768: ITP: ruby-sawyer -- HTTP/REST API client Ruby library Bug#740779: ITP: ruby-coveralls -- Ruby implementation of the Coveralls API Bug#740783: ITP: timeside -- open web audio processing framework Bug#740788: ITP: sems -- SIP Express Media Server, very fast and flexible SIP media server Bug#740791: ITP: golang-go.crypto-dev -- Supplementary Go cryptography libraries. Bug#740793: RFA: x-tile Bug#740799: ITP: libapp-ddflare-perl -- Provides ddflare, a command line Dynamic DNS utility that updates with the latest IP every 5 minutes Bug#740800: ITP: python-crontab -- Python module for reading and writing crontab files Bug#740805: ITP: python-croniter -- provides iteration for datetime object with cron like format Bug#740806: ITP: python-oslo.vmware -- VMware library for OpenStack projects Bug#740822: ITP: colpack -- Graph vertex coloring library Bug#740858: ITP: madgwick-ahrs -- Madgwick and Mahony attitude and heading reference (AHRS) algorithms Bug#740865: ITP: python-srs -- Python SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) library Bug#740886: ITP: libposix-strftime-compiler-perl -- GNU C library compatible strftime for loggers and servers Bug#740904: ITP: glamour -- beautiful 2D game with princesses for young girls Bug#740916: ITP: dms -- DNS Management System Bug#740946: ITP: libsub-recursive-perl -- anonymous memory leak free recursive subroutines Bug#740957: ITP: libjs-jquery-coolfieldset -- jQuery Plugin for creating collapsible fieldset Bug#741011: ITP: getdns -- modern asynchronous DNS API Bug#741021: RFA: keybinder -- registers global key bindings for applications Bug#741022: RFA: kupfer -- fast and lightweight desktop summoner/launcher Bug#741028: ITP: capstone -- lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture disassembly framework Bug#741029: ITP: redo -- a top-down software build system Bug#741030: ITP: zsh-antigen -- manage your zsh plugins Bug#741054: ITP: gtkextra -- useful set of widgets for creating GUI's for GTK+ Bug#741065: ITP: etcd-- A highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery Bug#741078: ITP: lmfit-py -- Least-Squares Minimization with Constraints Bug#741122: ITP: libnet-frame-device-perl -- module to get network device information Bug#741161: ITP: rmilter -- milter accompanying rspamd spam filtering system Bug#741199: RFP: libmaxminddb -- library for working with MaxMind DB files Bug#741205: general: the GUI freeze regularly, you can not move the mouse or enter a key Bug#741205: marked as done (general: the GUI freeze regularly, you can not move the mouse or enter a key) Bug#741260: ITP: libplack-middleware-header-perl -- middleware for modifying HTTP response headers Bug#741345: ITP: mathematical-components -- Mathematical Components library for the Coq proof system Bug#741367: ITP: libowasp-antisamy-java -- OWASP AntiSamy Bug#741383: ITP: libthreads-lite-perl -- threads::lite provides actor model threading for Perl Bug#741387: ITP: python-dugong -- HTTP 1.1 client module for Python supporting async io, pipelining and Expect: continue Bug#741416: ITP: libowasp-esapi-java -- Enterprise Security API (ESAPI) Bug#741484: ITP: ruby-em-mongo -- An EventMachine driver for MongoDB Bug#741487: ITP: mozjpeg -- Mozilla JPEG Encoder Project Bug#741545: ITP: libvt-ldap-java -- Virginia Tech LDAP Library Bug#741570: ITP: ruby-virtus -- Attributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects Bug#741571: ITP: ruby-inflecto -- Inflector for strings Bug#741640: ITP: vcmi -- Free implementation of the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 game engine Bug#741646: ITP: libcofoja-java -- Java API providing annotating code with contracts Bug#741658: ITP: tuskar-ui -- control how and where OpenStack services are deployed - horizon plugin Bug#741669: ITP: r-cran-optparse -- GNU/R Command line option parser Bug#741689: ITP: arriero -- Simplifies management of several Debian packages Bug#741854: ITP: yaafe -- audio features extraction library Bug#741877: ITP: python-pyocr -- python-pyocr -- Python wrapper for OCR engines Bug#741881: ITP: python-pyinsane -- Python implementation of the Sane API Bug#741893: general: System unresponsive after large torrent download to btrfs Bug#741900: ITP: phyutility -- Phyutility (fyoo-til-i-te) is a command line program that performs simple analyses or modifications on both trees and data matrices. Bug#741911: RFH: mysql-utilities -- collection of scripts for managing MySQL servers Bug#741921: ITP: libsocketcan -- library to control some basic functions in socketcan from userspace. Bug#741926: ITP: forkstat -- process fork/exec/exit monitoring tool Re: Bug#741930: reportbug: add current init system information Bug#741936: ITP: libnet-ssleay-oo-perl -- OO Calling Method for Net::SSLeay Bug#741971: ITP: lttngtop -- A top-like interface to read and browse LTTng traces. Bug#742049: ITP: patchelf -- modify properties of ELF executables Bug#742075: ITP: python-img2pdf -- Lossless conversion of JPEG, JPEG2000 and other raster graphic formats to PDF Bug#742110: ITP: gestioip -- Web-based IP address management software Bug#742118: python-apt: sources.list writing may fail; encoding of sources.list files (advice wanted) Bug#742157: ITP: ccd2cue -- GNU CCD (CloneCD) sheet to CUE sheet converter Bug#742179: ITP: ug -- software framework for finite element methods Bug#742181: ITP: profitbricks-client -- ProfitBricks Client Bug#742217: ITP: vtk-dicom -- DICOM for VTK Re: Bug#742223: ITP: dlang-libevent - D bindings for libevent library Bug#742272: ITP: ocserv -- OpenConnect VPN Server Bug#742310: ITP: python-oslotest -- OpenStack test framework Bug#742370: ITP: golang-testify-dev -- A sacred extension to the standard go testing package Bug#742453: ITP: geophar -- Swiss army knife for the math teacher Bug#742458: ITP: node-eventemitter2 -- A Node.js event emitter implementation with namespaces, wildcards, TTL and browser support. Bug#742478: ITP: python-saharaclient -- Client library for Openstack Sahara API server Re: Bug#742509: RFP: Variety -- beautiful wallpaper changing program Bug#742540: general: Get the "Oh no!" message after moving the top menu bar to the left side of then screen Bug#742556: ITP: rr -- application execution recorder, player and debugger Bug#742573: ITP: seaborn -- Python statistical visualization library Bug#742586: ITP: python-rednose -- coloured output for nosetests Bug#742593: ITP: wcslib-contrib -- Draw and label curvilinear coordinate grids with pgplot Bug#742597: ITP: casperjs -- a navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS and SlimerJS written in Javascript Bug#742599: ITP: python-termstyle -- console colouring for python Bug#742613: ITP: ocaml-ctypes -- library for binding to C libraries using pure OCaml Bug#742639: ITP: python-expyriment -- Python library for cognitive and neuroscientific experiments Bug#742709: ITP: octomap -- An Efficient Probabilistic 3D Mapping Framework Based on Octrees FW: Re: Bug#742729: ITP: gstreamer-sharp-1.0 -- new revamped GStreamer CLI bindings that target gstreamer-1.x Bug#742735: ITP: tryton-modules-account-invoice-stock -- Account Invoice Stock Module for the Tryton Application Platform Bug#742736: ITP: tryton-modules-account-payment -- Account Payment Module for the Tryton Application Platform Bug#742737: ITP: tryton-modules-account-credit-limit -- Account Credit Limit Module for the Tryton Application Platform Bug#742738: ITP: tryton-modules-account-payment-sepa -- Account Payment SEPA Module for the Tryton Application Platform Bug#742739: ITP: tryton-modules-party-relationship -- Party Relationship Module for the Tryton Application Platform Bug#742740: ITP: tryton-modules-sale-credit-limit -- Sale Credit Limit Module for the Tryton Application Platform Bug#742741: ITP: tryton-modules-shipment-grouping -- Sale Shipment Grouping Module for the Tryton Application Platform Bug#742742: ITP: tryton-modules-stock-package -- Stock Package Module for the Tryton Application Platform Bug#742791: ITP: r-cran-ecodist -- GNU R package for dissimilarity-based ecological analysis Bug#742792: ITP: r-cran-energy -- GNU R package for distribution comparison Bug#742794: ITP: r-cran-mvnormtest -- GNU R package for multivariate normality test Bug#742796: ITP: redshift-plasmoid -- Adjusts the color temperature of your screen, KDE plasmoid Bug#742828: ITP: hastymail2 -- Lightwight webmailer written in php Re: Bug#742836: syslinux: The Debian package of syslinux 6 breaks compatibility by gratuitously moving files around Bug#742851: ITP: mod-authnz-persona -- Apache module implementing Persona authentication Bug#742864: ITP: openjdk-8 -- OpenJDK 8 - Open source implementation of the Java Platform Standard Edition 8 Bug#742899: ITP: cppad -- Automatic Differentiation (AD) of C++ algorithms Bug#742911: ITP: python-cryptography-vectors -- Test vectors for python-cryptography Bug#742952: ITP: datanommer -- a storage consumer for the fedmsg bus Bug#742960: ITP: node-redis -- redis client library for nodejs Bug#742970: ITP: libobject-remote-perl -- asfd Bug#742973: ITP: libndp -- Library for IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol Bug#743010: ITP: jquery-simpletreemenu -- visually-simple menu inspired by the Mac OS X Finder tree Bug#743020: ITP: adventure -- Colossal Cave adventure game Bug#743021: ITP: prt -- Command line tool for Perl code refactoring Bug#743022: ITP: python-social-auth -- user registration and login using social sites credentials Bug#743024: ITP: sentimental-skk -- Japanese Input Method SKK on your terminal Bug#743063: ITP: ruby-github-linguist -- detection and highlight of the programming language of source code and ignore binary files Bug#743132: ITP: python-fedora -- Python modules for interacting with Fedora Services Bug#743139: ITP: jitmeet -- In-browser WebRTC JavaScript video conferences Bug#743153: ITP: node-entities -- Encode and decode XML/HTML entities with ease - module for Node.js Bug#743160: ITP: node-findup-sync -- Find the first file matching a given pattern in the current directory or the nearest ancestor directory. Bug#743162: ITP: node-hooker -- Monkey-patch (hook) functions for debugging and stuff. Bug#743176: RFA: wide-dhcpv6 -- DHCPv6 server/client/relay agent Bug#743194: ITP: ruby-hiera-eyaml -- OpenSSL Encryption backend for Hiera Bug#743250: ITP: hotpaultag -- Graphical System Activity Monitor ca-certificates: no more certificates?!? Checksum mismatch when trying to upload Conflicting package names Re: contrib and nonfree distribs Re: Debian Project Leader Elections 2014: Call for votes Re: Debian Project Leader Elections 2014: Candidates Re: debian-archive-keyring installing ubuntu keys? debian-archive-keyring installing ubuntu keys? debian/copyright: how extensive ... default messaging/VoIP client for Debian 8/Jessie Diploma thesis about media choice and usage in Free Software communities: I need your help. dist-upgrade strangeness: dependencies not deconfigured Re: fotoxx: new upstream version available Four people decided the fate of debian with systemd. Bad faith likely Re: FTPMaster position statement about package contents Re: gfortran: handling binNMU for .mod file format change Glom DEBIAN packaging GSoC mentorship for packaging elementary software Having fun with the following C code (UB) How long should a transition last for a package only in Sid/Testing How to create a debian x32 image? Idea for apt-get : getting source code instead getting binaries identifying unused manually installed packages Re: Ifupdown dysfunctional, is a Provides: interface possible please? Ifupdown dysfunctional, is a Provides: interface possible please? ITP: brahms -- Modular execution framework for SystemML computational models ITP: palo -- Linux boot loader for HP PA-RISC ITP: spineml-2-brahms -- Convert SpineML models for execution in brahms jquery debate with upstrea Re: jquery debate with upstream The last update was on 07:21 GMT Thu May 02. There are 656 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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