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Beware the ORACLE.COM risk

On 28 March 2014 12:51, Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> wrote:
> Sebastian Feld <sebastian.n.feld@gmail.com> writes:
>> Now that Redhat and Suse have been contacted by ORACLE regarding to
>> licensing the SMF patents a question arises for Debian:
> Have you read this:
>   https://www.debian.org/legal/patent
> in particular, point 3.
> Having read that, I would suggest that either:
>    your concerns are based on a concrete risk to Debian, in which case
>    you should not be discussing them here if you have Debian's best
>    interests at heart,
>    or they have no basis in legal fact (I'm guessing that you're not a
>    lawyer, as you didn't cite which jurisdiction you thought your
>    assertion might apply, or any other salient details) in which case
>    they don't really tell us anything.
> Either way, they don't belong here.

This is the wrong way to handle it. A lot of people want systemd in
Debian and push for it very hard, but then appear to ignore the
*LEGAL* risks and push any comments about it away as "trolling" or
"contact someone else".

Given ORACLEs very aggressive stance and intentional destruction of
opensource communities like opensolaris.org it must be *CLEARLY* ruled
out that there is *ANY* risk for Debian.
The situation sounds a bit as both Novell/Suse and Redhat/Fedora are
standing with the back to the wall and have no choice than to
negotiate with ORACLE.

Should Debian risk the same fate? ORACLE.COM is a dangerous opponent
and is unlikely to play it fair if they smell money.


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