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jquery debate with upstrea


I keep discussing the same issues caused by minified JS files (mostly
JQuery) in their source tarballs over and over. Could maybe those who
care deeply about this write a concise wiki page with all that upstream
needs to know about our expectations, so that I can point them to it?
That page should also point out the least effort required to satisfy us
(which, I believe, is downloading the corresponding source and dumping
it in the tarball).

Also, am I too pragmatic in suggesting that we should accept non-source
files in tarballs if they are legally distributed and not used during
the build (especially not included in the binary packages)? If we had
this I would neither have to bug upstream about their convenience copies
nor mess with tarball repackaging (which I consider ugly, a cludge, and
to be avoided if possible) and simply make sure in the packaging that I
use libjs-jquery instead of the included file.


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