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Re: default messaging/VoIP client for Debian 8/Jessie

Just my personal experience regarding this.

I tried to use Jitsi for past several months (maybe even a year) on GNOME
but while it does look the most promising VoIP client out there it was very
buggy for me (using testing, with sometimes bits from unstable and experimental).
Buggy - if I choose to exit app but not quit it (running in background) I can not get
it back (gnome-shell shows that there is that app but its invisible), sometimes
some part of menu get lost or get a top of each other (all this actually happens
almost at every jitsi run), never had a video conference with it (with another jitsi user)
and I do not recommend it for small systems because it eats a lot of memory (just
to run it its about 250mb of RAM). On the other hand I tried used Empathy in past
(GNOME 2 etc) but never got video conference/chat working but I installed it last
month and must say I had no problem - beside it greatly integrates with gnome-shell
it was matter of minutes to set it and video conference was done out of box (with
telepathy user from KDE desktop). So maybe Empathy should be default but also
JitMeet (as I hear from lot of people) could be included in default.



On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 12:15 PM, Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> wrote:
On 31/03/14 11:27, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le dimanche 30 mars 2014 à 11:04 +0200, Daniel Pocock a écrit :
>> Currently, Empathy is installed by default
> Empathy is the default for GNOME, and I do not see a convincing reason
> to change that.
> The default for Xfce (which is currently the default desktop) should be
> decided by the Xfce maintainers.

Why is that a decision for the XFCE or GNOME maintainers?

Why should the maintainers of the desktop drag down the VoIP/RTC
experience for everybody to push their own pet projects even if it is
only suitable for limited use cases or violates the privacy expectations
of our users (as is the case with Empathy)?

Why should the Debian community not be free to mix and match those
components that are best suited for the task?

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