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Re: default messaging/VoIP client for Debian 8/Jessie

]] Daniel Pocock 

> On 31/03/14 11:27, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> > Le dimanche 30 mars 2014 à 11:04 +0200, Daniel Pocock a écrit : 
> >> Currently, Empathy is installed by default
> > Empathy is the default for GNOME, and I do not see a convincing reason
> > to change that.
> >
> > The default for Xfce (which is currently the default desktop) should be
> > decided by the Xfce maintainers.
> Why is that a decision for the XFCE or GNOME maintainers?

Because they have an integrated vision of how the desktop environment
they're building should fit together.


> Why should the Debian community not be free to mix and match those
> components that are best suited for the task?

Debian gives the maintainers of packages extensive freedom to manage
their packages as they wish.  This is even more true for metapackages
like xfce or gnome, since their entire reason for existing is to pull
together existing sets of packages into a coherent experience.  That
means everything from «apps must use NM» to «apps must use Gtk and
theming» and so on.

You're of course free to provide your own desktop environment which
doesn't care about the same set of things as the existing ones do.  Or,
you could fix the software you care about so it adheres to the
guidelines for the existing desktops and then convince the maintainers
(or upstream) to adopt your favourite as their new default.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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