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Re: Beware the ORACLE.COM risk


Wendy Lin:
> Given ORACLEs very aggressive stance and intentional destruction of
> opensource communities like opensolaris.org it must be *CLEARLY* ruled
> out that there is *ANY* risk for Debian.

Wrong. You cannot rule out ANY risk, and the current legal landscape is
not compatible with CLEARLY, no matter what you do.

What are the facts, anyway?

* Debian is hardly the first or only user of systemd, and Oracle didn't do
  anything about these patents for the last two years
* Nobody has yet mentioned any specific patents which systemd may or may
  not be infringing, and a quick Google search doesn't unearth any either,
  thus so far the whole thing is a big bunch of FUD.

> The situation sounds a bit as both Novell/Suse and Redhat/Fedora are
> standing with the back to the wall and have no choice than to
> negotiate with ORACLE.
Do you have any reputable sources for this, or is that just more FUD?

-- Matthias Urlichs

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