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Re: default messaging/VoIP client for Debian 8/Jessie

On 03/30/2014 06:55 PM, Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> Hi,
> Thomas Goirand:
>> P.S: I don't really care which client is the default, because I find the
>> concept of default app bad in itself, and I think users should be given
>> the choice, and it isn't the role of a distribution to choose for its
>> users. However, if we *have* to have a default, probably Jitsi is a good
>> choice.
> Most new users don't know enough to choose.

Excuse me to say it this way, but ... NO!

I've read this too many times. You have absolutely no evidence of that.
Apart maybe if you talk about your mum, which anyway wouldn't install
Debian (or any other OS btw) herself. To me, it looks a lot more logic
and probable that those who don't know just don't care about VoIP. Those
who need a VoIP client will have enough knowledge to choose.

My point above was only that I don't think it's a good idea to install
so many stuff by default. It bloats the installer and make it difficult
to fit on the 700 MB of the CD1. I very much prefer a more minimalistic

Empathy isn't only doing VoIP, it does lots of other (chat) protocol,
and trying to compare it to Jitsi doesn't help IMO. I myself prefer
pidgin + Ekiga than just Empathy (and I find Jitsi too heavy and slow),
but that's just me. Ask 5 persons, and probably you will get 5 different
answers (including Ekiga, Skype, Linphone, Mumble, you-name-it). So why
even bothering installing anything by default? In the case of Empathy,
my understanding was that the reason it was there, is because it's
designed to integrate with Gnome. I don't think we can say the same
thing with Jitsi (which integrates with nothing).

I also find it a pain to add the Jitsi dependencies in the default setup:

Depends: libjitsi-jni (>= 2.4.4997-1), default-jre | java6-runtime,
libunixsocket-java, libhttpcore-java, liblog4j1.2-java, libjmdns-java,
libdnsjava-java, libmac-widgets-java, libfelix-main-java,
libfelix-framework-java, libhttpclient-java, libhttpmime-java,
libcommons-logging-java, libcommons-codec-java, libcommons-lang3-java,
liblaf-widget-java, libdbus-java, libxpp3-java, libjzlib-java,
libbcprov-java, libjna-java, libjgoodies-forms-java,
libjson-simple-java, libjcalendar-java

And yes, Java sux! :/ And it's going to take *a lot* of space on the
CD1. This should therefore be discussed on the debian-cd list as well. I
don't think that only the argument "it's better because of this or that
feature" would be the only one (unfortunately).


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