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A "desktop" kernel in debian? "Mozilla" plugins to depend upon virtual "mozilla-plugin-browser"? Re: [Box Backup] Bug#416605: ITP: boxbackup -- Server and Clients for the BoxBackup remote backup system Re: [ /usr/sbin/sshd: wrong DISPLAY is due to hijacking someone other's one...] [ /usr/sbin/sshd: wrong DISPLAY is due to hijacking someone other's one...] [Fwd: Bug#412952: file conflicts between afnix and aleph] [OFFTOPIC] Announcement of accounting program TXbook Re: [Pkg-cryptsetup-devel] From Charles Cole (UK) [RFR] po-debconf://am-utils [RFR] po-debconf://amavisd-new (6 strings) [RFR] po-debconf://boinc (3 strings) [RFR] po-debconf://lam (6 strings) [RFR] po-debconf://rkhunter (4 strings) Alioth lists are too strict in checking senders Re: Anyone Re: Attempted summary and thoughts Attempted summary and thoughts (was Re: On maintainers not responding to bugs) auditd -- User space tools for 2.6 kernel SELinux auditing Re: belittle geology BerliOS watch files & uscan Re: Bug#1927: no /usr/include/linux/errno.h Bug#412149: general: "usb:" stopped working in both gpsbabel and jpilot Re: Bug#412570: ITP: fldigi -- digital modem program for hamradio operators Bug#412919: ITP: predictive -- Text completion package for Emacs Re: Bug#412952: [Fwd: Bug#412952: file conflicts between afnix and aleph] Bug#412969: ITP: xen-shell -- Console based Xen administration utility Re: Bug#412989: udev startup script prints a lot of errors when ldap is used Re: Bug#412989: udev startup script prints a lot of errors when ldap is used Bug#413017: ITP: haskell-hsh -- Library to mix shell scripting with Haskell programs Bug#413022: ITP: oflib -- OpenFirmware device-tree parsing library Bug#413049: ITP: pynifti -- Python interface to the NIfTI I/O libraries Bug#413124: ITP: webdiff -- powerful tool to check for web page updates Bug#413128: ITP: nist-dlmf -- NIST's Digital Library of Mathematical Functions Bug#413156: ITP: libgeo-ip-perl -- Perl bindings for GeoIP library Bug#413240: ITP: sshfp -- DNS SSHFP records generator Bug#413286: ITP: mppenc -- Musepack lossy audio codec encoder Bug#413289: ITP: mcs -- abstraction library and tools for the storage of configuration settings Re: Bug#413353: debian-policy: New virtual package: dict-freedict Bug#413355: ITP: pyqwt3d -- Python bindings of the QwtPlot3D library Bug#413372: ITP: pyqwt5 -- Python version of the Qwt5 technical widget library Bug#413418: ITP: ndoutils -- This is a database addon for Nagios. Bug#413435: ITP: referencer: Gnome Document Organiser Bug#413491: ITP: krecordmydesktop -- kde frontend to recordmydesktop Bug#413575: debian-policy: New virtual package: dictd-dictionary Bug#413605: ITP: qfits -- Library offering easy access to FITS files Re: Bug#413735: ITP: mdk2 -- Destructive 802.11 wireless network hacking tool Bug#413735: ITP: mdk2 -- Destructive 802.11 wireless network hacking tool Bug#413820: ITP: libpam-krb5-migrate -- pluggable authentication module for migrating to Kerberos Bug#413822: ITP: samba-gtk -- Set of GTK+ frontends for Samba Bug#413826: ITP: haskell-hlist -- Haskell library for strongly typed heterogeneous collections Bug#413827: ITP: hal-info -- device information for HAL Bug#413833: ITP: haskell-binary -- Haskell library for binary serialisation using lazy ByteStrings Bug#413835: ITP: haskell-zlib -- Haskell library for using gzip and zlib formats Bug#413842: ITP: ogdi -- A library which implements an API for OGDI, a network-enabled protocol to access raster and vector GIS data respositories Bug#413857: ITP: isomaster -- A graphical ISO image editor Bug#413971: ITP: hiawatha -- lightweight and secure web server Bug#413985: ITP: elfio -- library for reading and generating ELF files Bug#413986: ITP: xmlrpc-epi -- XML-RPC request serialisation/deserialisation library Bug#413987: ITP: openjpeg -- JPEG 2000 image compression codec library Bug#413998: ITP: giggle -- Gtk+ frontend for the git directory tracker Bug#414028: ITP: python-html5lib -- Library for working with HTML5 documents Bug#414077: ITP: jruby -- JRuby is a Java implementation of the Ruby interpreter Bug#414111: ITP: libbusiness-onlinepayment-openecho-perl -- ECHO backend module for Business::OnlinePayment Bug#414179: ITP: avelsieve -- Sieve Mail Filters Plugin for Squirrelmail Bug#414182: ITP: python-authkit -- authentication and authorisation framework for Python WSGI applications Bug#414262: ITP: clive -- Video extraction utility for YouTube and Google Video Bug#414278: ITP: apparix -- console-based bookmark tool for fast file system navigation Bug#414320: ITP: codestriker -- A web based collaborative code review tool Bug#414412: ITP: initramfs-tools-tcos -- TCOS, a debian thin client operating system Bug#414420: ITP: refocus-it -- refocus images using Hopfield neural networks Bug#414534: ITP: sucrack -- multithreaded su bruteforcer Bug#414568: ITP: libregexp-copy-perl -- copy Regexp objects Bug#414623: ITP: zope-ploneformgen -- A generic Plone form generator Bug#414625: ITP: zope-cmfbibliographyat -- A Bibliography management product for Zope/CMF/Plone Bug#414627: ITP: zope-atextensions -- Extensions to Archetypes in Zope Bug#414628: ITP: zope-scriptablefields -- Zope tool bundle for working with component Logic Bug#414633: ITP: squeeze -- modern and advanced archive manager for Xfce Bug#414737: ITP: scratchbox2 -- Transparent cross compiling environment Bug#414844: ITP: tweak -- an efficient hex editor Bug#414889: ITP: epsilon -- set of Python utility modules commonly used by all Divmod project Bug#414892: ITP: python-axiom -- a Python object database Bug#414937: marked as done (general: network connection issues, 90% connection slowdown) Bug#414963: ITP: svnbackup -- Script to backup running SVN repositories. Bug#414965: ITP: svnreplicate -- A Hookscript Suite to replicate Subversion Bug#414966: ITP: svnmerge -- A merge helper tool for Subversion Bug#414988: ITP: twistedsnmp -- SNMP protocol implementation for Python Twisted framework Bug#415021: ITP: pysnmp-se -- speed enhanced Python SNMP library for agents and managers Bug#415036: ITP: arp-scan -- arp scanning and fingerprinting tool Bug#415091: ITP: csstidy -- CSS parser and optimiser Bug#415128: ITP: mission-control -- Central control for Telepathy connection managers Bug#415197: ITP: vdr-plugin-lastfm -- Plugin for VDR which can play music provided by Bug#415241: ITP: opus -- An on-line application for managing work and practice based learning (placement) Bug#415243: ITP: pdsystem -- Personal Development System, an on-line application allowing students to record their PDP Bug#415253: ITP: clamfs -- An user-space anti-virus protected file system Bug#415257: ITP: chatplus -- a simple graphical LAN chat programme with unicode Bug#415263: ITP: gpspoint -- exchange data with a (garmin) gps receiver Bug#415331: ITP: libinotify-ruby -- Ruby interface to Linux's inotify system Bug#415337: ITP: affinity -- desktop search tool Bug#415632: ITP: openocd -- On-chip debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing tool Bug#415633: ITP: sispmctl -- Control Gembird SIS-PM programmable power outlet strips Bug#415641: ITP: xchat-idle -- XChat plugin that marks you /away and /back automatically Bug#415676: ITP: stymulator -- Curses based player and converter for the YM chiptune format Bug#415700: ITP: chmdeco -- Compiled HTML Help (CHM) decompiler Bug#415703: /etc/modules has no function/should be deleted Bug#415703: marked as done (/etc/modules has no function/should be deleted) Bug#415766: ITP: bzr-email -- Notification email plugin for Bazaar Bug#415844: ITP: python-fpconst -- Utilities for handling IEEE 754 floating point special values Bug#415862: ITP: why -- A software verification tool Bug#416005: ITP: xgawk -- Extensible AWK, with XML and PgSQL support Bug#416079: ITP: pole -- portable library for structured storage Bug#416088: ITP: libtext-worddiff-perl -- Track changes between documents Bug#416150: ITP: nspr -- NetScape Portable Runtime Library Bug#416151: ITP: nss -- Network Security Service libraries Bug#416159: ITP: gurgitate-mail -- E-mail processor and filter with configuration files in ruby Bug#416176: ITP: qtiplot -- A user friendly graphical plotting program Bug#416219: ITP: libgenerics -- general c++ utility library Bug#416221: ITP: libgtkol -- GTK C++ Object Layer Bug#416397: ITP: haproxy -- fast and reliable load balancing reverse proxy Bug#416491: ITP: kmidimon -- MIDI monitor using ALSA sequencer and KDE user interface Bug#416568: ITP: consolekit -- framework for defining and tracking users, sessions and seats Bug#416605: ITP: boxbackup -- Server and Clients for the BoxBackup remote backup system Bug#416843: ITP: libphp-facebook -- PHP5 client library for Facebook Bug#416862: O: mutt-ng Re: Bug#416871: ITP: debreaper -- bring peace to the poor souls of crashed applications Bug#416871: ITP: debreaper -- bring peace to the poor souls of crashed applications Bug#416929: ITP: perl-doc-html -- Perl documentation suitable for viewing with a web browser Bug#416992: ITP: gtkcanvas-muxitex-slur-k -- Postscript Slur Package K for MusiXTeX Bugreport: kqemu results in kernel panic of the guest systems Call for testers: reportbug-ng Re: Call for votes for the Debian Project Leader Elections 2007 Changelog not signed by "human" Changelogs for unofficial packages co-mentor for a GSoC proposal wanted: debbugs web submission Commit hooks to notify BTS Compiling Debs on AMD vs. Intel and 32bit vs. 64bit Re: Custom repository and "WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!" daylight saving time and RTC clock DBus IDL debhelper and debconf: package and protocol versions Debhelper and variable substitution in *.install files etc. Re: Debian admin, keyring-maint and Request Tracker Debian French localisation team completes the translation of debconf screens Debian qualified as a OMG operating system debian-keyring package in jetring debian-policy: New virtual package: dict-freedict DM vs DD and security Re: docbook-xml: Planning dropping support for (unofficial) DocBook XML 3.1.7 Re: docbook-xml: Planning dropping support for (unofficial) DocBook XML 3.1.7 docbook-xml: Planning dropping support for (unofficial) DocBook XML 3.1.7 DomainKeys obsolete, abandoning ITPs dpkg-genchanges: warning: package XYZ in control file but not in files list Re: DPL Debate in #debian-dpl-debate on in ~12 hours (21:30 UTC) edit patches in dpkg configuration file dialog EM64T announcement and Linus (was Re: Compiling Debs on AMD vs. Intel and 32bit vs. 64bit) Ethernet interface numbering in etch fakechroot - anyone using it, should I consider hijacking it? Re: First call for votes for the upload package rules GR Flash player? future keys The GIMP plugins for refocussing blurred images Re: Google Summer of Code 2007 - mentors and project ideas wanted hijacking imagemagick How to close ITP bug which is a duplicate of one marked done? Huge cache dirs in $HOME Idea for system installation/maintenance Incorrectly rejected ballots InterScan MSS has quarantined a message ITA/RFS: libspf2 -- Sender Policy Framework library, written in C ITH: uclibc ITP: lckdo -- execute a program with a lock set Kernel selection in the installation system libdevice-serialport-perl broken Ligue Grátis com o seu MSN The last update was on 07:19 GMT Sun Apr 15. There are 844 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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