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Re: DM vs DD and security

On 3/19/07, Kevin Mark <kevin.mark@verizon.net> wrote:
Then I wondered what percentage of DDs require access to debian.org

I, for myself, have used debian machines mainly for doing NMUs of bugs
in architectures which I normally wouldn't have access to.

This kind of use is difficult to anticipate, you don't know you'll
need it until you find a bug that you want to fix in that arch.

Also, the delayed queue is currently implemented as an scp to gluck,
so access to gluck is needed for that.

And if its large, then could this be reduced in some way by having the
more common tasks be replaced by a web frontend with password access and
leave fewer tasks that require ssh access.

The only other service I've used from Debian machines is madison,
which could be replaced by a front-end, yes.


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