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Re: co-mentor for a GSoC proposal wanted: debbugs web submission

On Thu, 2007-03-15 at 15:06 -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> I (continue to) object to the notion of web-based submission of bugs to
> Debian.  Do you really think that someone who can't maneuver reportbug is
> capable of submitting a useful bug report?

yes, actually.  wrt web based interfaces: sure, it lowers the bar a bit,
but if implemented intelligently it could require a certain minimum
level of quality.

but more important imho though is clearly discerning between "a web
based interface" and an "HTTP interface".  i don't really have a strong
opinion wrt teh web based interface, but having a cgi backend somewhere
to process HTTP POST submissions in a similar format to what the debbugs
server processes woudl be a Very Good Thing.

as others have pointed out smtp is increasingly blocked by network
administrators, and furthermore it's becoming more and more common for a
system to not have an installed/active MTA running on it. 

and wrt the suggestion of "just use webmail" posted later on: this would
also count as a "web based interface", and imo would be the worst kind
since you have no automatic information gathering, no input checking,
and it's rather unintuitive.


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