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Re: Bug#416871: ITP: debreaper -- bring peace to the poor souls of crashed applications

Le samedi 31 mars 2007 à 11:41 +0200, Loïc Minier a écrit :
> On Sat, Mar 31, 2007, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> >  Debreaper is meant to be a drop-in replacement for the GNOME signal 
> >  handler, but can easily be used by any other software. It attempts to 
> >  remain as simple as bug-buddy, and makes use of the user's configured 
> >  mail client to send the report.
>  What's the advantage over bug-buddy?  Can't bug-buddy be extended to
>  implement similar functionality?

I examined both possibilities and it turned out too complicated without
re-using the reportbug modules. Hence the choice of python.

The advantage over bug-buddy and reportbug is that it uses the email
configuration that was already setup by the user, whether it is based on
evolution, balsa or icedove. It does not rely on a working MTA or a
specific MUA. 

>  Would it make sense to integrate a kernel level SEGV handler instead of
>  going via libgnomeui?  I was under the impression that this is what the
>  Ubuntu folks achieved [1]; this seems more generic as it would cover
>  other DE (Xfce, KDE) but also other application crashes such as web
>  server, databases etc.

Debreaper is not the signal handler itself. It is simple enough to be
called by any signal handler, be it in the kernel, in the glibc or in
the UI libraries. It should be possible to use it in any environment, as
the UI is interchangeable (currently there's a text UI and a GTK+ one).
The only thing that's bound to GNOME is the way to detect the MUA, but
it could be changed as well.

>  If it's bound to GNOME, it's of course fine in pkg-gnome but you might
>  want to name it gdebreaper or gnome-deb-RIP to reflect this.

I'd say it depends on whether other people are interested in using it.
We could write a small signal handler library that would be set in
LD_PRELOAD for the supported desktop environments (in /etc/Xsession.d
for example), and debreaper would detect the running environment for
choosing the MUA.

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