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Re: fakechroot - anyone using it, should I consider hijacking it?

> It works perfectly at the moment so I'm not sure that I'd benefit from a
> heavily repaired version, however this may change when I get to do more
> with the script in the future - I really should look at the bugs I guess.

Given that you run a specific set of operations, it is plausible that
you're not hitting any of the bugs - or not being *visibly* impacted
by some of them.  (For example, one bug that "everyone" sees but
probably doesn't care about, #410145: "make" will print the "unfake"
directory when it enters or leaves a subdirectory.  That's "scary but
harmless"... but it turns out that bash uses the same code path and
there are circumstances where things will just break.)

I certainly have seen lots of packages build correctly with fakechroot
as-shipped - and these fixes should significantly raise that number.

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