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Re: Changelogs for unofficial packages

* Magnus Holmgren <holmgren@lysator.liu.se> [070331 14:35]:
> Have there been any discussion about adding a field to the Release and/or
> Packages files pointing at e.g. changelogs, so that aptitude etc. could
> display those for packages from unofficial repositories as well? (I presume
> that the location of official changelogs is hardcoded into aptitude
> currently, is that correct?)

Aptitude has a config-option aptitude::Changelog-URL-Template,
though I did not yet had a look at it.
update-manager seems to have one Template for every "channel",
which is just the "bla://whatever/changelogs/pool/%s/%s/%s/%s_%s/changelog"
line, so should be very easy to support (though some way to specify
it in a Release file would be nice indeed).

If you get some more information or have ideas for additional fields
to specify this, please let me know. Current CVS version of reprepro got
support for generating changelog files, and a common way for repository
generator to specify where those file are would be a nice thing to have.

	Bernhard R. Link

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