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Re: The GIMP plugins for refocussing blurred images

Bernd Zeimetz a écrit :
> Heya,
> actually I'm looking more for somebody who has an actual use-case for
> those plugins and is willing to test them with a recent version of gimp,
> I didn't even think about finishing the packages yet. The code is
> unmaintained for years, and the refocus under gimp 2 is more or less a
> hack... I don't want to spend time on finishing the package if it
> doesn't make a sense, especially since upstream seems to be dead. The
> math used in the plugins is nothing I could fix, otherwise I would just
> finish the packages, find a sponsor and just wait for bug-reports.
> Cheers,
> Bernd


good to here from people still using refocus. I'm using it here from times to
times, with a home-compiled version. BTW, I have a patch to make it compile
cleanly with gimp 2.2 (last time I tested was 6 months ago, but it should work
also with newer versions). I'll take a look at your packages when I have some time.


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