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daylight saving time and RTC clock

hi everybody

today is the first day of daylight saving time in Italy, (and many other
 European countries); but something did not work as expected in my Etch box

--- brief summary of what I saw happening:

this morning, when I booted my PC, I looked at the date
# date
dom mar 25 08:34:22 CEST 2007
that is, it was 1 hour behind ; so I issued
# ntpdate-debian
25 Mar 09:34:32 ntpdate[3996]: step time server offset
3599.702392 sec
and this moved my clock 1 hour ahead, and then the date was correct:
# date
dom mar 25 09:34:35 CEST 2007


 my RTC clock is not set to UTC , and maybe this is the cause for what I
saw happening above.

Is there any way so that people not keeping their RTC to UTC may still
have a correct time on daylight-saving switching days?

What package may I send a bug report (wishlist) to?


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