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Re: Ethernet interface numbering in etch

Il giorno 26/mar/07, alle ore 21:29, Mark Brown ha scritto:
The use cases where users are likely to notice are relatively limited - you need to either be trying to do some sort of system imaging or doing
hardware replacement where you need to do a like for like swap.  The
latter case tends to be something of an emergency and can easily be
adderssed with console acess.

Since this discussion is happening now, I'd like to point out a couple of use cases which showed the limits of udev trying to keep persistent eth names:

1. Some ethernet cards like Sun QuadFE share the same MAC address (even if global OpenFirmware option is set to different MAC-address) and PCI id and udev blocks while renaming them, leaving with an unusable systema each time the system boots.

2. XEN domUs without fixed mac address setting (configurable in virtual domain configuration file), can have a different MAC address each time are booted and udev will keep adding a new interface each time.

BTW, there's no easy way to recover from a badly renamed ethernet interface. Once you have something like 'eth5_rename' how are you supposed to recover?


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