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Re: Ethernet interface numbering in etch

On Tue, Mar 27, 2007 at 12:06:09AM -0400, Nathanael Nerode wrote:

> I would guess the second, or more specifically I would guess that in any given 
> month,
>  - (the total number of instances of admins swapping out network hardware and 
>     needing to reuse the same interface names)
> is greater than
>  - (the total number of instances of admins setting up new systems with more than 
>     one interface where it's necessary to preserve interface ordering across 
>     reboots)

I'd vote for the former. The last time I built a machine myself all the
desktop motherboards I have considered came with 2 gigabit NICs
integrated on-board. On the other hand, we now have more than 50 PCs
around here (not counting rack-mounted servers) and I can count on one
hand how many times did we have to replace NICs in the last couple of


     MTA SZTAKI Computer and Automation Research Institute
                Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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