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Debhelper and variable substitution in *.install files etc.

When packaging Java libraries it is necessary to install the "jar" file
with an upstream version number e.g.


and have a symbolic link:

   /usr/share/java/thing.jar -> /usr/share/java/thing-1.2.3.jar

I can use debhelper's "package-name.install" and "package-name.links"
config files to set this up, but then I have to remember to amend them
for each new upstream version.

The rules file already has "PACKAGE" and "VERSION" variables (parsed
from the changelog). It would be really nice if the config files could
use variable substitution, so the links file would look like:

/usr/share/java/$(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION).jar /usr/share/java/$(PACKAGE).jar

Would anyone else find it useful to be able to use variable substitution
in the debhelper config files?

I know the Debian mantra: "A feature request with an attached patch is
more likely to be implemented".  But I don't know Perl so I'm a bit stuck!

Joey - what do you think?


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