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Re: auditd -- User space tools for 2.6 kernel SELinux auditing

On Thu, 22 Mar 2007 16:11:10 +0100, Philipp Matthias Hahn
<pmhahn@debian.org> said:  

> Hello!  I've put some work into creating a first version of a Debian
> package of audit-1.5.1 for private use, which you can get from
> http://pint.pmhahn.de/pmhahn/debian/etch/a/audit/

> Perhaps you can take a look at it and provide some feedback to get
> it into shape for official upload to Debian. One major chanhe
> compared to the Red-Hat package is, that all binaries live under
> /usr/sbin and not under /sbin.  If auditing is required to start as
> early as possible, than I might have to move it from /usr to /. Any
> comments on this issue?

        I would prefer you do move it back to /sbin. A number of
 SELinux tools are moving to depend on audit, and some of these do
 require them to be functional before the other file systems are
 mounted. I can live with  them being in /usr, but that does reduce
 the functionality of user tools for SELinux in early boot.

        Thanks for taking up audit, BTW, or else I wqould have had top
 package it myself for lenny, and I don't really want any more
 packages than I already have.

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