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Re: daylight saving time and RTC clock

hi & thanks anyone

yes, in the past I had to accomodate for dual booting into that peculiar
other operating system (hereby called Windows, as by Santiago
suggestion) : I developed gtkmorph in the past, and it had to run on
both O.S.es ; but nowadays I dont, so I think I will switch my RTC to
UTC, and be done with it.

The reason why I did send the first post is that I thought there may be
 a way to do daylight switching even when RTC!=UTC ... but thinking
about it more, I decided it is almost impossible: when dual booting, the
RTC is affected by both O.S.es, so it all would depend on which one of
the O.S.es is booted first on daylight-switching-day : the only way is,
possibly , that Debian should  peek into the innards of the Windows
registry, to see if daylight-switching was already done, or not, on the
RTC... this seems too complex to be feasible (I for once could not do it)


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