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Re: x-windows-system package

Hi Paolo,

Paolo Pantaleo wrote:

> I just installed the x-windows-system package, and i found some
> unpleasant things:
> 1)xdm is installed and no question is done about it during configuration

This is by design.  x-window-system depends upon all programs that are
traditionally part of an X release (including xdm), even binaries that
many people don't find useful.  You probably only want to install

> 2)the keyboard doesn't work properly as said in a previous message ALT
> GR + <key> doesn't work, there seems to be some problems with xkb
> 3)the module xtt is not included by default in the configuration
> process, it must be selected by hand, if not selected the X server
> wont start, telling it cannot find the fixed font.

These I'm afraid I can't answer.

> If these are bugs (or better suggestions i want to make) how can i
> make my ideas reach the right people (who maintains the X system, or
> whatever)?

You can file a bug (severity "wishlist" if it's a suggestion) against
one of the X-related packages, or you could directly mail
debian-x@lists.debian.org which is where all X-related bug reports go


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