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Re: Why not a Desktop on a GNU/Linux Server

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Anthony Simonelli wrote:

> I am planning on running a Squid Proxy, Postfix,
> Apache, webmail server here at my company and I was
> wondering if it was alright to run a Desktop or just
> X-Windows on this server.  I love using the
> command-line and have become pretty proficient with it
> (I always have a terminal open), but other people in
> my department are not and a Desktop will help them out
> a great deal.  They're used to a Windows NT type
> interface.
> I have always read that a desktop should not be
> running on a server but there is never an explanation
> as to why.  Is there any problem with running a
> desktop on a server other than performance issues?

I never run X on a server.

The main issue is one of stability.  X will bring down a Linux box faster 
than just about anything else.  You want production servers to be stable - 
running X does not improve stability and in many cases reduces it.  If you 
use X long enough you _will_ see it kill an otherwise healthy box.

Remember also that production servers should run as little software as 
possible for reasons of security and stability.  All extraneous software 
is bad on a server and it doesn't get much more extraneous than X.

If they want to access the server graphically what is wrong with starting 
a remote display or (better) starting the graphical app over ssh?


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