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Re: Windows XP won't read CDs/DVDs burned in Debian

Quoting Sebastian Luque <spluque@gmail.com>:
> Have you enabled joliet extensions? I've found this is usually needed in
> Windows.

On the DVD, yes. In fact, it has Joliet, RockRidge, and UDF.

On the CDs, well, they're all audio CDs, so I guess they're not even ISO9660, are they?

I do recall once having success with a CD-RW on these machines a fair while ago, and not thinking much of it at 
the time. This was probably before I had even come across troubles on these machines.

This is very bizarre. I suppose I could just be having bad luck with media, but could my luck be that bad that it 
fails in the same fashion with 3 different media types? (One CD-R is blue, the others are light greenish, and then 
there's the DVD+RW.)


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