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Re: why ports 111, 113 and 772 are open?

> > As a firewall I use shorewall.
> Describe your setup! Do you have a single machine with some internet
> connection or are you behind a NAT box?
I'm using shorewall.

> > In rules of shoreall there's no line accepting connection for ports
> > 111, 113 and 772.
> > But when I nmap myself I have:
> What is 'myself'? From which machine do you nmap?
I was using nmap from the console of firewall

> > 21/tcp  open  ftp
> > 22/tcp  open  ssh
> > 25/tcp  open  smtp
> > 53/tcp  open  domain
> > 80/tcp  open  http
> > 111/tcp open  rpcbind
> > 113/tcp open  auth
> > 772/tcp open  cycleserv2
> >
> > Is there any place where they can opened?
> Erm, if there is a program listening on these ports then they are open.
> What do you expect?  I guess you just nmapped localhost or
> (which is the same).
> If you want to know which services are offered for which networks, just
> run 'netstat -tulpen' on your machine. Then find out how to configure
> the daemons to bind on a specific address. Then log in to some other
> machine and scan your box from the internet (or use webpages that offer
> this service for free) to see whether everything is ok.
Thanks. :)


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