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Re: xorg and virtual terminals still

On Thu, 14 Jul 2005 17:54:22 -0700
Paul Scott <paslist@ultrasw.com> wrote:

> Starting a new thread which may or may not be the same problem as the 
> others had with virtual terminals.  On one of three machines that I 
> switched to xorg when I go to a virtual terminal I get a text mode 
> screen with various colored stripes and no readable characters.  I can 
> tell that the VT's are actually working.  I can log in but the screen is 
> unreadable (because of all the unwanted ANSI escape codes?).  reset 
> doesn't help.
> I am running the latest xorg packages and have done dpkg-reconfigure 
> xserver-xorg
> Any ideas?

It sounds more like a video driver issue that the XKB trouble we were
discussing earlier. Have you tried using a frame buffer setting
like VESA for your driver?

Bill Thompson

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