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Re: Where is the FTP site for Sarge, please?

On 12 Jul 2005 at 2:24, Paul Smith wrote:

> %% "Benjamin Sher" <sher07@mindspring.com> writes:
>   bs> So, I am willing to download the CD image by FTP. But I 
>   bs> have tried several times to find the iso image and have 
>   bs> failed. I tried ftp.debian.org and cdimages.debian.org and I 
>   bs> just can't find the iso image. 
> I'm not sure where you're looking, but it's pretty easy to find.
> Go to http://www.debian.org/
> Look in the menu at the left, and click the link "CD ISO Images"
> You'll get here: http://www.debian.org/CD/
> Everything you want is there.  If you want to use FTP for download, find
> the link "Download CD images using HTTP or FTP."  That will get you to a
> long list of mirrors, offering Debian CD ISO images for both HTTP and
> FTP download, here: http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/
Dear Paul:

My sincere apologies. You won't believe what happened. When I 
got to the CD image download page I didn't scroll down far 
enough to see the FTP sites. Too embarrassing to mention. But 
that's the honest truth. I've already started my download of the 
first CD. My eternal gratitude.


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