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x-windows-system package

I just installed the x-windows-system package, and i found some
unpleasant things:

1)xdm is installed and no question is done about it during configuration
2)the keyboard doesn't work properly as said in a previous message ALT
GR + <key> doesn't work, there seems to be some problems with xkb
3)the module xtt is not included by default in the configuration
process, it must be selected by hand, if not selected the X server
wont start, telling it cannot find the fixed font.

I just updated from stable to testing, as described in Reference
Guide, and anything seems to be ok, but could the upgrade be the
reason for the keyboard not working?

If these are bugs (or better suggestions i want to make) how can i
make my ideas reach the right people (who maintains the X system, or


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