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Re: Windows XP won't read CDs/DVDs burned in Debian

bhiggins@tpg.com.au wrote:


> On the DVD, yes. In fact, it has Joliet, RockRidge, and UDF.
> On the CDs, well, they're all audio CDs, so I guess they're not even
> ISO9660, are they?

Hopefully someone else can explain this better, but I think that's right.
Your trouble may also have to do with the speed at which your CDs were
burned. I've trashed many CDs until I discovered this. I found that
recording at very low speeds (~4x) can be read by almost every player.
Regardless, burning CDs that I plan to access in other systems is a source
of much frustration to me, so I sympathize with you.

Sebastian P. Luque

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