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Based on advice on this list to maestro I'm considering switching to 

> I no longer have time to spend hours tweaking config files, and thus
> prefer an integrated desktop environment, but GNOME and KDE are too
> bulky for my PIII-650 / 320MB workstation

I'm even resource-poorer with a PII-400/128MB workstation.  I tried KDE, 
switched to GNOME, and now am investigating windowmaker.  Can anyone give me 
pointers to information about what to expect?  Specifically,

1.  resources to learn/understand windowmaker
2. email client that works well (and lightly) in that environment (love KMail, 
but the overhead is too much on my system)
3. package manager, I've been using Synaptic.  Am I right in assuming that 
aptitude is the way to go in a windowmaker environment or am I reduced to the 
command line?
4. am I just too optimistic that my old system is adequate to run some kind of 
GUI on linux?  
5. where do I learn about how to change from booting into a GNOME dm to login 
to a windowmaker dm?

FYI I'm a dinosaur that learned programming in FORTRAN with punch cards in the 
'70s.  Even in the '80s 128MB of RAM was a supercomputer and people (from HP 
if I recall correctly) were writing papers claiming that 50Mhz CPUs were 


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