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Re: xmms-mplayer can't find glib-config?(Don't think the server accepted this last time).

On Sat, 02 Jul 2005 19:51:19 -0400
marcel usma <musma@nyc.rr.com> wrote:

> im running linux mandrake kde  3.3 limited edition 2005 

install debian? :)

Well, as a long time mandrake user, I had terrible problems with the
latest (ca. 9/04) cooker and decided to jump ship -- going first
with mepis (www.mepis.org) as a springboard, then eventually pointing
all my sources to sarge when sarge got released, so atm i'm running 99%

amarok had a lot of problems for me ca. six months ago, but it's pretty
stable now. 

> that i need to know the path to the glib-config file wich i dont
> have ... i think and that i need to install glib 1.2.2 

probably. But on mandrake you can use urpmf /usr/bin/glib-config, and
it will tell you which rpm supplies that package, even if the package
is not installed. 

ps. the mandrake lists (newbie/expert) are very nice places.

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