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Re: xorg in sid

On Thursday July 14 2005 2:27 am, Paul Scott wrote:
> Adam Hardy wrote:
> > Paul Scott on 14/07/05 09:05, wrote:
> >> It has never broken my box.  apt-get (before I learned about
> >> apt-listbugs) broke my box once and I upgrade packages almost
> >> every day.
> >
> > apt-get is all I use - there's too much for me to deal with in
> > the GUI programs,
> Synaptic is GUI.  aptitude is not.  it uses libncurses.

Use it in an x-terminal-emulator and try using a mouse with it.  It's  
a GUI, but it's like the Kia Sportage of GUIs:  No chrome.

> > I'm apt-getting apt-listbugs right now. I'm intrigued. :)
> apt-listbugs is the first package I install on any machine.

Interesting...this is the first I've heard of apt-listbugs, but it's 
enough for me to get it now.

Paul Johnson
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