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Re: xorg in sid

Paul Scott wrote:
I see that some xorg packages are now in sid. Are there enough packages to switch from xfree86? Are there any problems?

the new open gl packages remove the old ones and thus whole bunch of programs:

apt-get install libglu1-xorg (or x-window-system-core wich installs libglu1-xorg) and the following packages are removed (on my system, there are probably whole lot more):

3dwm-server amarok-engines amarok-xine armagetron audacity billard-gl
bittornado-gui blender bzflag celestia-glut chromium chromium-data
csound freeglut3 freeglut3-dev frozen-bubble gliv glutg3 glutg3-dev
gtkglarea5 junior-games-gl libclan2-gl libfltk1 libfltk1.1c102
libgle3 libglut3 libglut3-dev libgtkglext1 libpolhem libqt3-mt-dev
libsdl-perl libsdl1.2-dev libwxgtk2.4 libwxgtk2.4-python libwxgtk2.5.3
libwxgtk2.5.3-python libxine1 planetpenguin-racer plib1.8.4 pornview
qt3-apps-dev qt3-examples race rss-glx snd snd-gtk space-orbit
ssystem tipptrainer tipptrainer-data-de tuxkart tuxracer vreng wmanager
wxpython2.5.3 xine-ui xlibmesa-dev xlibmesa-glu xlibmesa-glu-dev xlibmesa3 xlockmore-gl xpp xracer xscreensaver-gl xt

  I guess that's going to be fixed over time...


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