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Windows XP won't read CDs/DVDs burned in Debian

This has been happening for a while, but it hasn't been a major problem, so I've let it slip. It still isn't a 
major problem, but now I'm really curious.

I have a few audio CD-Rs and now a data DVD+RW burned in Debian. (All using K3B, IIRC, but the CD-Rs 
were burned with an old drive, and the DVD+RW burned with a new drive I just recently got my hands on.) 
The Windows XP machines at University completely ignore these CDs/DVDs. When I insert the disc into the 
drive it spins a bit, then stops, and Windows does nothing. When I enquire about the media it claims that 
there is no media in the drive. (Bullshit!) The discs work just fine in Linux, but all the ones that I have 
tested fail on the university's Windows XP systems.

For all I know this is a problem with the way the computers on campus have been set up. What I'd like to 
know is if there is anything I might be doing in the way I burn these discs that might be causing this sort of 
behaviour. One of the many ISO9660 options, perhaps?


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