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Re: Why has "find ... -exec rm -i '{}' ';'" stopped working?

michael wrote:

> Well on 'sarge', under bash, the
>   find . -name 'whatever' -exec rm -i {} ";"
> works as expected for me, but the above example exhibits the same
> performance as you note (I'm no 'xargs' expert and can's see what the
> '-0r' option is meant to do)
> If I were you I'd check that the first form works from the command line
> and then take it from there. 

Sorry if I wasn't clear.  When I said this:

--> Typing "find -name '*~' -exec rm -i '{}' ';'" directly
--> prints a list of rm-questions, doesn't get an answer, and so
--> does nothing.

I meant that typing "find..." directly at a shell prompt doesn't work.  I
also tried it as "find -name '*~' -exec rm -i {} ';'" and got the same
problem.  (For some reason I used to have to quote {}.)

> Are you running bash under sarge? 

I'm running "testing", and dpkg says I'm using bash 3.0-15 and findutils

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