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2.1.1 tftpboot image 2.2 kernel & serial consoles troubles another floppy install report another minor bug in slink Aurora serial cards boot floppies booting at last! Boot problem with Ultra-5 [branden: problem with alpha/sparc X patches] broken gdb package (4.17-4.m68k.objc.threads.hwwp.fpu.gnat.3) Bug in kernel-kpkg compiling tilo "Configure the Base System" goes into an infinite loop. Why? Console switching dbootstrap segfaults on "Configure the Base System" dbootstrap segs on install kernel and modules Debian + Sparc + need Help Decision on slink sparc sources Dependency problem with apache_1.3.3-6 Errors compiling kernel-source-2.2.1 package Final test build of XFree86 for slink -- PLEASE TEST Final test build of XFree86 for Sparc/Slink available Final XFree86 packages for slink uploaded ( Fixed silo uploaded (Was: something wierd about silo...) GDB fixed gdb package is broken (missing commands) Gneral compile questions Gnome 0.99.4 packages Gnome-apt for sparc (Re: slink release (and status discussion)) Re: Good sparc system? - Cont HELP!! SparcClassic doesn't boot via tftp! Help wanted with Alpha/Sparc XFree86 patches How to begin? Re: How to begin? (And pointer to new UltraSparc install images) how to know the real device used by /dev/console ? Installing debian/sparc in a ultra 1 Install notes (Re: new bootdisks available for sparc/ultrasparc) Intel silo (Re: Silo) Intent to package: rarpd and libnet-dev ipx-cgsix and X IPX Current status Kenwick's Automax Division Reports Pre-tax Earnings of $.50 Per Share! kernel 2.2 & debian bootdisks woes (was: Re: new bootdisks coming soon) Kernel oops with 2.1.125 libc6 vulnerability MAKEDEV broken for fb* devices. missing/back revved unstable packages missing modules in kernel-image-2.2.1_2.2.1_sparc.deb ??? missing sed Missing Sparc packages in the last packages More info on kernel 2.2 & debian bootdisks woes (mostly) successful floppy install on sparc2 mozilla problem new bootdisks available new bootdisks available for sparc/ultrasparc New kernel uploaded (Was: Release candidate 2.2.1 kernels & bootdisks) Re: New netscape packages new X packages broken :( NIS and gdbm One more slink_cd patch for the sparc partitions for sun sparc 10 RE: Pb with Linux et Sparc 2 when booting php3 for sparc slink/potato Playing Audio CDs in Sparc 4 Please test: impoved sparc and alpha X patches. Please test: X patches for sparc and alpha Price on Sparc 2 questions about NFSROOT + TFTP Re: Release candidate 2.2.1 kernels & bootdisks (was: Re: Fixed silo uploaded) Release Notes Re: Release notes addendum (was: Re: slink_cd: still waiting on final boot/install setup) Re: Release notes addendum (was: Re: slink_cd: still waiting on final boot/install setup) Release notes addendum (was: Re: slink_cd: still waiting on final boot/install setup) Serial Configuration Re: Silo Fw: Simplified Risk Management Software slink bug (sunmouse major) slink_cd about ready to go Re: slink_cd - progress slink_cd: still waiting on final boot/install setup slink_cd v 1.06 released slink_cd v 1.07 out slink release Re: slink release (and status discussion) Slink release - what's left? SMP Kernel? something wierd about silo source in debian archive sparc boot troubles sparc hardware added to boot-floppies Installation Manual SPARC Server 630MP Sparkbook linux? sparstation SLC boot problems Stall on debian sparc installation with version 2.0.35 still not booting Sun disk labels sunmouse, eject-floppy, booting sun sparc 10 /sda3 whole disk ultra clone failure with panic [was: Re: new bootdisks available ...] Re: Ultra Power UltraSparc Power? Unidentified subject! Web Pages Where to get Xsun sources who knows about Aurora serial cards? X server initialisation Re: XWindow in Sparc4 The last update was on 20:05 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 247 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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