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questions about NFSROOT + TFTP

I'm going though your instructions on TFTP + NFSROOT; I've never done
this and documenting "cold" (without any way to test) so I'd
appreciate some clarifications.

BTW, I think it would be nice if we enabled TFTP boot on x86 and all
architectures.  I don't think it'd be hard; we'd just have to
repurpose the Sparc method.  I believe that the big varience between
platforms is how you actually kick up the TFTP boot installation;
i.e., on x86 (??) you can use LILO/syslinux arguments.

On to the text, from the sparc_release_notes file:

  2. put the linux kernel image on your TFTP server after you have uncompressed

	$ zcat linux > kernel-2.0.33

Where does the kernel image come from?

  3. untar the root archive on your NFS server (could be the same as your TFTP

	$ cd /tftpboot
	$ tar xvzf root.tar.gz

    Be sure to use the GNU tar (other tar programs, like the SunOS one, badly
    handle devices as plain files).

  4. export your /tftpboot/debian-sparc-root directory with root access to your
     client.  Eg. add the following line to /etc/exports (linux syntax):

	/tftpboot/debian-sparc-root	client(rw,no_root_squash)

Is that supposed to be /boot or /tftpboot on a debian system?

  5. create a symbolic link from <your client IP addr in dotted notation>
     to debian-sparc-root in the /tftpboot directory:

	$ ln -s debian-sparc-root

     for a client IP address which is

  6. now you can boot your client as above.

Really?  It will automatically pick that up?  'boot net' will use an
NFS root dir if it can?

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