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Re: Ultra Power

        Hi all,
        let give me my 2 cents about the talk about PCs vs Sparc systems.
        I know that the Sun machines are better made in generall, but I live
in a
development country (Brazil) and at least here, I cannot buy a Sparc to run
Linux at home. Would be very good. :) I cannot to change/upgrade hardware
easily. If I live in USA I will buy an exemplar of every machine that Linux
runs (Sun Ultras, Alphas, PC Pentiums, SGIs and others) only for fun hack. :)
        And to help Debian development too. :)
        Thanks all for the excelent Debian distribution that I'm running in
Pentium's 166 and 333 Mhz, AMD K6 300 Mhz and Sparc4 computers. :)
        Have a nice day,                Paulo Henrique

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